Saffron Pistils

Saffron Pistils
  • Saffron Pistils

Saffron Pistils

Red gold with the scent of Iran

Pistils of saffron from Iran, with fabulous scents. This dried flower pistil must be infused so that all its aromas are released. To do this, soak the stigmas in warm water. A few stigmas, no more than a dozen, are enough to perfume a dish of a sweet intensity.


Iran South Khorasan Province


2 g or 5 g


Slightly bitter taste with notes of smoky peat

Culinary ideas

Fabulous slightly bitter spices with a natural taste that also enhances your dishes to an intense red color. To preserve its aroma, let it infuse; never boil it, cook it or fry.

More information about the product


12 months minimum

Scientific name

Safranum de Crocus Sativus


Saffron pistils harvested in Iran.


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