Norwegian Salmon Sliced

Norwegian Salmon Sliced
  • Norwegian Salmon Sliced
  • Norwegian Salmon Sliced
  • Norwegian Salmon Sliced

Norwegian Salmon Sliced

Simplicity in complexity

Coming from the Norwegian fiords, the breeding farms are selected with the requirements of our house, in the absolute respect of the product, the salmon fillets are cut, in our production center in Geneva, by hand, salted with salt dry. Our expertise in cold friction smoking of red beech then takes over to enhance this exceptional salmon.


Organic farmed salmon from Norway


500 g

Culinary ideas

Rich in Omega 3, it can be eaten on its own on a slice of toast, with a fresh salad, accompanied by fresh cream or crushed tomatoes and a few slices of red onions bruschetta style.

More information about the product


21 days before opening in the refrigerator (0/4 ° C)

Scientific name

Salmo Salar


Salmon, fine Swiss salt, coarse sea salt smoked with red beech




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Quantity for 2 pers.

120 g - 130 g - / pers. 2 nice slices per person