Caviar Schrencki Royal China

Caviar Schrencki Royal China
  • Caviar Schrencki Royal China
  • Caviar Schrencki Royal China
  • Caviar Schrencki Royal China

Caviar Schrencki Royal China

Transcending food and imagination with "Amur"

This (pre)historical and mythical sturgeon from northern China, transports the imagination. Coming from the Amur River between China and Russia, it matures from 8 - 10 years old; it can live 30 years, and can reach a weight of 20-40 kg. The eggs are light brown to golden yellow in colour. Their specific colour and salt contribute to enhance the dishes in terms of taste and visual.


Raised in China in a natural lake

Grain size / Grain firmness

Beautiful "crunchy" and firm grain


Powerful taste with floral notes

Culinary ideas

Can be enjoyed as is with a small mother-of-pearl spoon. Ideal also with the fondant of a scallop carpaccio.

More information about the product


between 0° and 4° C, to be consumed within 3 days after opening

Scientific name

Acipenser Schrencki


Acipenser Schrencki sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E285




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Quantity for 2 pers.

30 g for an initiation (15 g / pers.) - 60 g min per pers. (30 g / pers.) for a starter - 100 g / pers. for a single dish or a meal head to head.