Gourmet Gift Box

Gourmet Gift Box
  • Gourmet Gift Box

Gourmet Gift Box

In this Gourmet box, indulgence comes with remarkable seafood; an ideal present for any lover of salmon, smoked sturgeon or boutarga, and white wine! You will enjoy the Scottish smoked salmon center-cut fillet, its jarred smoked version or smoked salmon tartare version. A packet of sliced smoked Beluga sturgeon, a boutargue of Sardinian mullet will delight your palate, all accompanied by Planet Caviar brut Champagne and Burgundy wine, Rully white. To complete it all, Taglioni, blinis and sweets will sparkle your eyes before your taste buds! Let’s get indulged and enjoy!

This box contains

  • A bottle of Planet Caviar Champagne brut
  • A bottle of Bourgogne Wine, Saint Romain Blanc
  • One large heart of Scottish smoked salmon
  • A packet of smoked Beluga sturgeon sliced 200 g
  • A tin of smoked salmon tartar
  • One packet of tagliolini
  • A boutargue of Sardinian mullet
  • One packet of blinis
  • Sweets

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