Siberian Caviar France

Siberian Caviar France
  • Siberian Caviar France
  • Siberian Caviar France
  • Siberian Caviar France

Siberian Caviar France

Power of taste and brilliance

This caviar is the reference because known to all. It was for a long time the only farmed caviar. Siberian caviar comes from the freshwater sturgeon Acipenser Baeri also called Siberian sturgeon. It measures between 80 cm and 1.5 m, weighs between 7 and 15 kg and its life expectancy is about 20 years. This long-mouthed caviar is the most internationally produced species. It fits perfectly with noble and simple seasonal products. The eggs are dark in colour ranging from brown, to sparkling gray or black. It attracts the eye with its brilliant appearance, all in reflections. Its taste is powerful, with light aromas of dried fruits.


Originally from Siberia - Raised in France in Aquitaine

Grain size / Grain firmness

Fine grain, from soft to firm


Powerful, iodized taste with light aromas of dried fruit at the end of the mouth

Culinary ideas

Marrying the nobility of a product with the power of caviar is ideal. With a forked apple (plain mashed potato), our signature dish with delicately deposited caviar quenelle, with a boiled egg or squash, this caviar transcends the product.

More information about the product


between 0° and 4° C, to be consumed within 3 days after opening

Scientific name

Acipenser Baeri


Acipenser Baeri sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E285



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